04 September 2009

for Madi (seniors)

I had a great time with Madi, and her mom and brother. We met up at Rocket Bakery on South Hill. I got into their car and we drove out to the Palouse looking for some wheat that had not yet been cut down. Luckily after a few U-turns we found some. :)

After the wheat, we started looking for a cool barn... there were none to be had. Well, none that weren't behind a fence and an unseen guard dog, I am sure. So I spotted some trees in an abandoned lot.

Then we got back on the highway... "There." I pointed. Madi's mom was awesome. We drove right onto these people's property and she went and asked permission while I started shooting around their stash of perfect junk. The owner didn't quite understand. But it was the perfect spot. Thank you lady who was also a little creepy, threshing her wheat.

Thanks Madi!!! And mom and bro. It was such a fun afternoon adventure. Have a fun senior year.

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