06 October 2009

for Alisha (seniors)

Alisha is just too cute. This shoot was so easy because the girl is already a model! Thanks Alisha and Brenda! Thanks for humoring me and being so chill! You guys are awesome!

Wrapping all the seniors this week. Trying to get everyone ready to submit their yearbook photo! Seniors have been so fun for me to work with - boys and girls. They take direction. They understand what I am saying. They hold still. They want to be photographed. Most of them. ;)

It has been so fun! Thanks everyone! Excited for next year's batch.

Meanwhile, I still have 6-7 families coming down the pipe to edit as well. Busy week! Welcoming me back from me vacation.

**Also - I had 2 spots open up for the OC in 2 weeks! Know anyone interested??

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