01 November 2009

the Give Back 09

Hello Friends!

I would like to announce the first ever,
mphoto GIVE BACK.

This is a contest especially for you, my friends and clients, to thank you for being a part of my year. I had such a terrific year and I want to GIVE BACK by giving away a free photo shoot!!! This photo shoot and Heritage Makers storybook will go to one deserving family as nominated and chosen by YOU.

Here are the details:

Between now and November 15th, please nominate a deserving family who you think could use, would enjoy, or NEEDS a family photo shoot. Send me a little summary explaining why they deserve this. Also send me their most recent family photo!

I will gather all the nominees and pick my favorite top 3.

Then on November 16th (or thereabouts) I will post the top 3 nominees and YOU will vote on them and choose the winner of a free photo session!!

Important stuff:
-Photo shoot will take place sometime between 1 December 2009 and 1 December 2010.
-Photo shoot will take place in Spokane or in a location I frequent - Seattle, Utah, Island Park, or -Orange County. Exceptions might be made. ;)
-Photo shoot will take place on a date mutually agreeable between myself and the deserving family.

Winning family will have a certificate made for them that you can present to them, stuff a stocking with, or use as bribery.

Be creative. Look around you. Maybe there is someone you know who could really use some some joy, some love, some m photo to brighten their year. Maybe it's you!

THANK YOU to everyone for helping me have such a great year!

All submissions can be sent to
flutterpix@gmail.com or
PO Box 852
Veradale WA 99037

thank you! looking forward to hearing from you.

randi M

1 people commented:

Randi November 3, 2009 at 1:32 PM  

I only have 2 nominees so far!! Send 'em in!

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