11 April 2009

for COCO

I did a shoot for my friend Calie, and her boutique COCO.
First is Kendra (also my newest hairstylist - she's great), mother of 3.
We shot these at the school. Not too bad for indoors, no lights... Kendra looks fabulous.

Later the same day, we shot Ali.
I found this random little area on the way to my daughter's art place, that I have been wanting to use. And I finally got to.
Ali looks awesome and the light was perfect.

This first one is my favorite.

Yeah for the flutter blog being back. Hopefully I will keep up with it this time!

Thanks Calie, Kendra & Ali.

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Karen and Bri May 6, 2009 at 2:09 PM  

hey randi :)
what's your email so we can send it to you? by the way, your blog looks great. and I just wanted to let you know that I'm speaking at the women's business group on June 12th and I'll be talking about my salon, business, and how to survive in a down market. There's usually 20-25 women there and it's a great place to get some contacts and network! hope to see you there.

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