22 August 2009

in the works...

here is what I have been working on lately!

5 sessions last week. 3 this week. Lots more photos to come from all these sessions.

The Kenworthy's

Love jarom & canon's faces in this photo. I can make fun of him, because he is my brother. I'm allowed to do that? right?

The Ehlings (Seattle)

The Lutz Family (Seattle)

and little Ryder May

candy is one of my best friends. couldn't be happier for her. he is so sweet.

Scott Johnson (seniors)

More coming too.... :)

Most of you know that 100% of the time when I am driving anywhere, I am looking for new locations and interesting spots for photos. Seen one lately? Let me know!

I am so excited too that my friend Janna Beecher from Helena Montana will be here in September and we are going to do a swapper-roo. Janna is an awesome photographer and will be here doing some shoots as well! If you need a spot - let her know. So excited for our family pictures and thanks to one of the seniors I shot last week or so, we have an awesome location! You will see it soon.

And soon, I will get a real blog that does not wash out all my colors. :[ .... can't believe summer is almost over...

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The Molners August 23, 2009 at 8:26 AM  

So I have a favorite spot that evertime I drive by it in Spokane I always think it would make an amazing photo. But its kinda tricky to get too because of traffic but I dont put it past you to get to it!
its on bigelow gulch before it turns in to francis. its right on the corner after palmer rd and there is a gorgeous old barn and during the summer there are wild flowers growing in the field! its gorgeous!!! here is a map to the link! ( you can barely see the little old barn in the picture but its the little while dot to the left of palmer rd set back off the turn there on the south side of beglow.)

Candy August 23, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

thanks for your magic with Ryder. What a wonderful gift you have. I am dying to make the Heritage Makers "Parts and Pieces" book with the images of his little toes and fingers and bits. Yeah!!

Sue's photos and the other shoots are amazing too! Love to see your blog updates. Thanks for taking a minute to post, I know how busy you are!! (Hi Sue, your family is darling!!)

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