08 October 2009

for Melissa






We wanted to do a family shoot with Melissa's new little one, Ainsley. It was too cold to be outside, and she is so little, so I wanted to do it inside, on their bed. So I brought out my huge lightbox and set up camp in their bedroom. I honestly didn't think the kids would be as interested as they were. They were so good. They played their parts perfectly.

Except for Ainsley.

She was supposed to be sleeping. Apparently either photo shoots excite her or I smell funny. She was not happy. So I came back a few mornings later for a little session with just her and mom & dad.

Same deal. Oh well. She is so sweet. Doesn't even matter that she was awake the whole time. And any that she had her eyes closed in she was faking it. :)

Thanks Melissa.



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