08 October 2009

for VaLynn






So, almost 2 years ago I called VaLynn up, whom I barely knew and I said, "Can I come and take pictures of your baby?" She said yes and we've been friends ever since.

She is SUPER into horticulture and plants and garden design, etc. So much so that she has a whole blog dedicated to it. If you are interested go HERE.

She is awesome. Anyways, we tried out a new location for me - Liberty Park with some cool old stone steps. Apparently the park is over a century old. It's got some transients - but all in all I would use the location again. And VaLynn is so fun to hang out with and talk to.

So thanks VaLynn!! Thanks for letting me shoot Anna way back when and then now again! Her eyes are amazing. And Isaac and Alex were perfect.

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VW October 8, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

Wow, I love all of them. The one of Alex with the weeping willow way up high is amazing - I NEED that on my wall :-)
Yeah, the bench along the stone path might have been a nice spot for some shots if not for the guy sitting there smoking something. Maybe we should have been more nervous about that? Who knows.
Thanks for the link love. And Randi, you were my visiting teacher for a while before you shot the girls. Someday when you're really famous for your work, I'll smile and think that I watched you get started and always knew you were really good.

VW October 16, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

I was going to comment about the super-big photo on your family blog, but right now nothing is showing up below the heritage makers book (cute, by the way), so I can't navigate to any older posts. Anyway, I can't see the whole clouds/mountain picture on my 20" screen at once, which makes the picture less fun to view. I've been reading different methods about how to post larger, better photos on blogs. Which method did you choose?

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