05 November 2009

for Amy









Amy & Steven were my clients last year and I was so happy to work with them again this fall. Their twins are such sweethearts. The little man is a future botanist - he LOVES plants. And SHE is a little doll. You just want to make her smile.

We had such a pleasant afternoon rambling around the park, playing and making beautiful pictures.

Thanks guys!

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VW November 5, 2009 at 5:48 PM  

These are so sweet! I love the color effects.
Randi, sounds like you're already committed to Flickr, but I figured out a way to upload to blogger/Picasa without losing color. I just had to download the free Picasa 3.5 editor, then open it up on my computer and use its upload tool. Then the pictures come through just fine. I posted about it on my blog.
And I think I'll be getting a lens like yours. Woo-hoo!!! Thanks so much for all your advice.

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