10 November 2009

for Rechelle

Meet my friend, Jeremy.


Jeremy is 1 of 4 in the entire world with his condition, the only one in the U.S.
He has an extra aorta in his heart. This blocks his airway.

He has had 3 open heart surgeries to try and move this aorta out the way. But as he is getting older it is getting worse and his parents have been told that there is no additional treatment for him.


He has had multiple seizures and has stopped breathing many, many times.
He chokes on his food because of his obstructed airway. He is hooked up to tubes and oxygen every night. He is always with a nurse (Christy is one of his nurses) or his parents.


Doctors are astounded that Jeremy is going to turn 13 this year.
We had a shoot scheduled last year when I was in California, but then it was canceled. Jeremy was in the hospital.



Jeremy was very shy at first, so I gave him some space.
But as the shoot when on, I would look over at Jeremy and he would be waving at me.
I get teary thinking of my afternoon with this family.

Tanner, the little brother, is a ball of sunshine and energy and excitement and curiosity and exploration. Everything a little brother should be.



This is from his mom, Rechelle - Every day is a miracle; we are so grateful for each moment with him.


Thank you Rechelle and Pat for sharing your boys with me for a short while.

Our time with our families is such a wonderful gift. And your family is just beautiful.


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Sarah Graczyk November 12, 2009 at 12:56 PM  

what a amazing boy and beautiful family! thank you for sharing his story...WONDERFUL pictures!

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